The MIAB Training Institute is Set Apart International’s school of mentorship and life skills. Some of the programs offered under the School of Mentorship: For Corporates (but also open to individuals):

  1. The Mentor Leader Master Class
  2. Adaptive Leadership Master Class
  3. Group Coaching for Performance

For Individuals:

  1. The Mentor Leader Master Class
  2. Adaptive Leadership Master Class
  3. Relationships Masterclass
  4. Stock-Taking
  5. LifeSkills for personal development


  1. Adaptive Leadership
  2. Raising Mentor Leaders
  3. Performance Coaching


  • Adaptive Leadership is a framework that views leadership as a practice, rather than a position. It draws on a core idea that individuals should conserve what’s working for them, let go of what’s holding them back and grow new behaviors and traits that enable them to thrive in new conditions. This approach assists individuals and organizations to adapt and thrive in fast changing environments and make meaningful progress on intimidating and tough challenges.
  • The Adaptive Leadership framework understands that adaptation, especially the letting go aspect, can be very difficult and painful for the people involved. Professors Ron Heifetz & Marty Linsky developed the framework at Harvard University School of Government to help practitioners understand their

terrain, the nature of the challenge, appreciate predictable responses and generate collective responses that make a difference to the status quo. It provides a set of social skills and awareness that allow humans to work together, tackle tough challenges and thrive. Why Adaptive Leadership?

  1. Adaptive Leaders make progress and get better results because of their ability to embrace change.
  2. The ability to adapt is essential for individuals who are experiencing the impact of a changing world at a personal and organizational level.
  3. Adaptive Leadership optimizes individual’s performance by addressing behavioral traits that stand in the way of utilizing potential.
  4. Adaptive leadership will bridge the gap between organizational goals and staff loyalties.

       Expected Outcomes

  1. Effectively interpret and diagnose existing challenges.
  2. Stakeholder collaboration and ownership of work at all levels
  3. Generate interventions that are beyond self-imposed constraints and limitations.
  4. Deepen your ‘self’ and ‘systemic’ reflective skills.
  5. Cultivate the art of listening to whole people and problems; and
  6. Navigate the grief and loss inherent in change leadership.

 METHODOLOGY 2 – TRAINING MENTOR LEADERS What is Mentorship? Mentorship is an intentional relationship that facilitates accelerated learning by allowing a more skilled and experience person to transfer their knowledge, wisdom and skills to a less skilled and experience person.  This is done though deliberate teaching methods and use of essential skills that aid growth. Why Mentorship For Team Leads?

  • Mentorship facilitates accelerated learning.
  • It is an empowering tool that overcomes micro management styles.
  • It is the easiest and most effective way to transfer skills.
  • It allows leaders to feel more valuable through impacting another person’s life positively.


  1. Defining Mentorship

Objectives: Understanding the value of holistic godly Mentorship. Study other mentorship models.

  1. Understanding Yourself as a Mentor

Objectives: Discover your unique God given gifts, what you bring to mentorship & areas of personal development.

  1. Defining Your Mentoring Boundaries

Objectives: Begin to design & develop your personal mentorship framework.

  1. The Mentors Tool Kit

Objectives: Develop capabilities for effective Mentorship. Learn & practice skills for effective mentorship.

  1. The Emotionally Healthy Mentor

Objectives: Develop “Personal Best Practices” for a balanced life that ensure preservation of self & others.

  1. Building Your Mentorship Model

Objectives: Final process of building your personal mentorship framework by using the concepts, skills & tools learnt. Expected Outcomes

  1. Develop Mentor leaders in the organization who empower their team as a management style.
  2. Improved performance and outputs through a highly skilled team.
  3. Facilitation of healthier interpersonal relationships through shared experiences of successes and failures.

METHODOLOGY 3 – PERFORMANCE COACHING What is Group Performance Coaching?

  • Performance Coaching is a process that facilitates the development of teams through a deliberate process aimed at achieving positive change & desired results.
  • Through a guided processes, teams will be equipped to fully utilize the Adaptive Leadership methodology by using the concepts as tools for desired team goals.
  • Most teams work hard to equip themselves at a technical level & often need help to tackle adaptive challenges. Coaching can challenge them to develop in new and exciting ways, realize their full

potential, unlock that potential and improve performance through measurable, specific results based on their goals and aspirations.

  • In a series of group sessions, a coach works to identify and focus on goals as well as overcome barriers to growth and change for the team.
  • Between meetings, areas of focus are agreed upon to help meet goals.

Why Coaching for Teams?

  • To create a strong holding environment for tough conversations & challenges within


  • Increases team functioning and maturity.
  • Breaks down the silo mentality amongst departments & individuals.
  • Fosters a culture of ongoing learning.
  • Encourages peer consultation and collaboration.
  • Optimizes goal accomplishment at a personal, group and organizational level.
  • Positively impacts the bottom line.

Expected Outcomes

  • A custom coaching plan with measurable actions and a map for success.
  • Benchmarks for personal and professional development as they relate to personal &

organizations goals and objectives.

  • Skills for dealing with difficult people, issues, and


  • A shared sense of purpose within teams.

LEAD TRAINER PROFILE – GLADYS MUTSA PASWANIMENTORSHIP PROGRAM ADVISOR | ADAPTIVE LEADERSHIP CONSULTANT LEADERSHIP COACH | COUNSELOR Gladys holds professional certificates in Management Development Programs, Entrepreneurship, Behavioral Change and Adaptive Leadership. She is a Leadership Coach registered with The Africa Board for Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology (ABCCCP). Her studies from Harvard Kennedy School have landed her as the lead consultant of Adaptive Leadership Zambia. She is also a Leadership Coach registered with The Africa Board for Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology (ABCCCP). CREDENTIALS  AND EXPERIENCE HARVARD KENNEDY SCHOOL Multimedia Learning Support for work in Zambia. Adaptive Leadership Local Consultant in Zambia. PROGRAM DEVELOPER MIAB _ Mentorship In A Box Training Program. MINISTRY OF HEALTH Capacity Building Program Advisor for Adaptive Leadership methodology in 16 districts to date. 10 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE IN HUMAN DEVELOPMENT Mentoring, Training, Coaching and Counseling to support Behavioral Change in individuals, communities, and organizations. VISIONARY OF SET APART INTERNATIONAL Arguably the largest Mentorship Program in Zambia with a participation of 7,000 youths, young adults and teenagers and has been in operation since 2011. AWARDS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS

  1. Awarded the 2018 Zambia Woman of the Year Award under the Mentorship Category.
  2. Awarded The Brenda Muntemba Mentorship Award 2020
  3. Awarded the Mo 2020 Award for Exceptional Leadership.


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