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The MIAB Training Institute is Set Apart International's school of mentorship and life skills

“MIAB has given me a broader perspective to life and am equiped with different tools to apply in the work of mentorship.” Daliso Mbewe 

“MIAB helps build intentional relationships that facilitates accelerated learning by allowing a more skilled and experienced person to transfer their knowledge, wisdom and skills to a less skilled and experienced person.  This is done though deliberate teaching methods and use of essential skills that aid growth.”

Who qualifies?

This course is open to a wide variety of individuals and groups, including young people, parents, corporate organizations, church leaders, NGOs, and learning institutions. The course aims to provide knowledge and skills to enhance personal and professional development, and is suitable for individuals from diverse backgrounds and fields.

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Think of it as an 'Ingredient Pack' that allows you to apply mentorship where it matters most.

  • Develops high performing individuals through accelerated learning
  • Empowers teams by overcoming micro-management styles.
  • Preserves healthy cultures and practices beyond changing times.
  • An effective way to transfer skills whilst ensuring consistency & sustainability.
  • Achieves a sense of personal value that comes from impacting another person's life positively.
  • Healthier interpersonal relationships through shared experiences of successes and failures.

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"The value of time is in what you do with it." Gladys Paswani