Transfer skills, retain talent, accelerate growth.

We help corporations, churches, and individuals to master mentorship as a leadership tool for accelerated growth and learning.

Mentorship In a Box - Comprehensive Six Module Program

Embark on a journey of personal/professional
development with Mentorship in a Box, a meticulously
crafted program comprising six modules…see more

NEXT COHORT STARTS MAY, 2024. Registration fee is K150, Full Six Week Program is K2350 for physical classes (Lusaka only) and K1999 for Online Classes. Once you apply and pay registration fee, further instructions will be emailed to you.

The Mentor Leader

We cultivate the next generation of leaders through the transformative power of mentorship. Designed for organisations and corporates, our program equips leaders with the skills to inspire, guide, and empower their teams through mentorship, fostering a culture of growth and skill transfer. (Start on-boarding to get quotation)

Made For You

Made for You is your Customised Mentorship Solution.

Unlock the potential of your organisation with Made for
You, a tailored mentorship program designed to meet
the unique needs of any type of organisation or corporate. Our program is meticulously crafted to meet your needs. (Start on-boarding to get quotation)

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