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The MIAB Training Institute is Set Apart International's school of mentorship and life skills

” ‘MIAB has given me a broader perspective of life which has equipped me with a range of tools that I can apply to the work of mentorship, my profession and life in general..” Daliso Mbewe 

“MIAB helps build intentional relationships that facilitates accelerated learning by allowing a more skilled and experienced person to transfer their knowledge, wisdom and skills to a less skilled and experienced person.  This is done through deliberate teaching methods and use of essential skills that aid growth.”

Who qualifies?

This course is open to a wide variety of individuals and groups, including young people, parents, corporate organizations, church leaders, NGOs, and learning institutions. The course aims to provide knowledge and skills to enhance personal and professional development, and is suitable for individuals from diverse backgrounds and fields.

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Read below what the previous cohort had to say.

Sekai Phiri
Sekai Phiri
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The MIAB training was an amazing experience for me. It was such a mental stretch because it made me introspect who I am, the kind of mentor I want to be and what problems I am solving in mentorship. I was able to identify gaps and the work I needed to do in my mentorship journey and how to do mentorship in the correct way. I was equipped with skills, tools and knowledge of how to do mentorship. I learnt to understand who a mentor is and what is expected of me and my mentees. I learnt the importance of having a structure in mentorship and the boundaries I needed to set.
Joseph Kunda
Joseph Kunda
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The MIAB mentorship program has been of help and has played a major role in my walk of purpose. I have been shaped to be a good leader; the program has privileged me to be available, analytical and be an active listener. I am more willing and able to devote time to developing others and make them realize their worth! The knowledge attained will go a long way in impacting lives for a positive change and divine impact. I am grateful to Set Apart International for the opportunity.
Jane Grace
Jane Grace
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Taking part in the MIAB training helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses both as a mentee and now as a mentor. It was a sum total of how I will pass on what I’ve learnt and been able to apply as a mentee to my mentees. I have huge respect for mentors now, having had the understanding of what they have to and had to deal with as mentors. I have an understanding of my mentorship style now, I have an idea of how to apply it on the journey. Mentorship is a preservation space and should be passed on.
Andrew Banda
Andrew Banda
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Mentorship without MIAB is like a 5yr old trying to fix a car. For the most part, all of us want to positively impact the world in one way or another, mentoring young people so that they may achieve their full potential has become a tool for positive impact for me after seeing in my own life. But like most things, good intentions alone won’t fly, this is where MIAB came in. Through MIAB systems and tools were imparted on me that helped me create a safe and enabling environment for me and those I mentor, to look at mentorship not as a by the way thing but as a deliberate, measurable vehicle that preserves and transforms lives.

Gladys Paswani

Program Developer

Think of it as an 'Ingredient Pack' that allows you to apply mentorship where it matters most.

The ingredient pack is given to you through a series of lessons, assignments, case studies and quizzes. The program takes 6 weeks to complete.

  • Develops high performing individuals through accelerated learning
  • Empowers teams by overcoming micro-management styles.
  • Preserves healthy cultures and practices beyond changing times.
  • An effective way to transfer skills whilst ensuring consistency & sustainability.
  • Achieves a sense of personal value that comes from impacting another person's life positively.
  • Healthier interpersonal relationships through shared experiences of successes and failures.
  • It preserves lives

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What to expect

When you register as an individual.

You will be enrolled into our 6 week week program which consists of Six Modules.

Gain a clear understanding of what
Mentorship is & the value it brings

Discover your unique God given given
gifts, the grace in which you operate &
what you bring to mentorship.

Begin to design your personal mentorship

Learn & practice tools. Develop
capabilities for effective Mentorship.

Develop ”Personal Best Practices” for a
balanced life that ensure preservation of
self & others.

Develop your personal mentorship

When you register as a Corporate/Organisation

You will be on-boarded into one of our tailored solutions, whether its for you as a leader, a department or your whole organisation, it will be tailored for you.

We cultivate the next generation of leaders through the transformative power of mentorship. Designed for organisations and corporates, our program equips leaders with the skills to inspire, guide, and empower their teams through mentorship, fostering a culture of growth and skill transfer


By harnessing the art of mentorship, we accelerate organisational growth, nurture talent, and foster a community of collaborative learning. Join us in driving success through mentorship today.

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